lethal company autopilot ship

Lethal Company Autopilot Ship

The Lethal Company Autopilot Ship is more than just a means of transportation—it’s a trusted guide and a home base for workers navigating between moons. Its purpose is clear: aiding workers in their missions by ferrying them across different lunar terrains. Operational from 8 am to 12 am, the ship ensures worker safety by not staying on a moon surface past midnight.

Ship Exterior:

  • The Autopilot Ship is thoughtfully designed with railings encircling its exterior, ensuring worker safety and ease of movement. Among these railings are three ladders placed strategically for convenient access: one near the door, another positioned near the front-rear of the ship, and the third specifically facilitating access to the ship’s roof.

Ship Interior:

  • Terminal:
    Terminal inside ship in lethal company
    The terminal acts as the command center, allowing workers to direct the ship’s movements, scan moons for scrap value, or purchase necessary items.
  • Lever:
    lever inside ship lethal company
    A simple press of a lever grants access to or departure from moon surfaces.
  • Front Monitor:
    front monitor screen inside ship in lethal company
    Front monitors display vital moon information—population, conditions, fauna, and weather—to aid in effective expedition planning.
  • Quota Monitor:
    quota monitor screen inside ship in lethal company
    Positioned on top of the main front screen, two separate monitors exclusively display the total profit quota and its deadline for each mission. This dedicated display keeps workers focused on their goals, ensuring they stay informed about mission objectives and timelines.
  • Surveillance Cameras Monitor:
    Surveillance Cameras screen inside ship in lethal company
    Ship cameras allow workers to monitor both exterior and interior movements, enhancing security and awareness.
  • Hydraulic Door:
    hydraulic door inside ship in lethal company buttons
    This door ensures quick and secure access, safeguarding workers from external threats, Operated using red and green buttons.
  • Light Switch:
    light switch inside ship in lethal company
    A simple switch manages ship lighting.
  • Electric Coil:
    electric coil inside ship in lethal company
    Powers battery-dependent devices, ensuring their functionality and reliability during missions.
  • Service Manual:
    service manual inside ship in lethal company
    Offers clear guidance, helping workers understand gameplay intricacies and navigate challenges effectively.
  • Cupboard:
    cupboard inside ship in lethal company
    Cupboard provides essential storage, ensuring workers’ items remain safe during missions.
  • Clothes Rack:
    clothes rack inside ship in lethal company
    The clothes rack offers an accessible spot for workers to hang and switch between different suits.
  • Decor Items:
    decor items inside ship in lethal company
    File cabinets and bunk beds add decorative touches, creating a comfortable environment for workers during expeditions.
  • Speakers:
    speakers inside ship in lethal company
    Workers can easily turn off or deactivate the ship’s speakers for their convenience whenever it’s needed.

The Autopilot Ship isn’t just for traveling—it’s like a command center that helps workers on their missions. It keeps them safe, assists in their tasks, and helps them work better when exploring moons.

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