Hazard Levels in Lethal Company

Lethal Company Hazard Levels

In Lethal Company, Hazard Levels are pivotal in gauging the difficulty of each day. They’re influenced by the moon’s weather, difficulty, and random factors, dictating the challenges players face.

What Hazard Levels Determine

Hazard Levels primarily influence two aspects:

  • Creature Quantity
    Expect a surge in creatures inside and around the facility building as Hazard Levels increase. Higher levels introduce larger numbers of dangerous enemies, intensifying the survival challenge.
  • Total Scrap Value
    The Hazard Level directly impacts the total scrap value of loot. Higher levels offer more valuable treasures, but at the cost of heightened risks and difficulties.

Understanding the Levels

Hazard Levels range from S+ to D, each representing a distinct level of danger:

  • S+: A level that signifies extreme danger and toughness, where navigating survival becomes an incredible challenge.
  • S: Presents an abundance of enemies inside and outside the facility building, demanding caution and strategy.
  • A: Indicates a significant presence of adversaries, requiring thoughtful approaches to overcome challenges.
  • B: Offers a fair number of foes, demanding a balanced strategy to confront threats.
  • C: Indicates fewer enemies, providing a more manageable environment than higher levels.
  • D: Minimal threats within and around the facility building, offering a comparatively safer space.
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