Weather Types in Lethal Company

Lethal Company Weather Types

Weather in Lethal Company serves as a dynamic gameplay feature, introducing diverse challenges that test the survival skills of players exploring various moons. Each weather condition presents distinct hazards, demanding strategic approaches to overcome environmental obstacles.

  • Clear Weather
    clear weather in lethal company
    In clear weather conditions, no specific environmental hazards are present. This serene atmosphere offers optimal visibility and safe traversal, providing a respite from the challenges posed by other weather conditions.
  • Foggy Weather
    Foggy Weather in Lethal Company
    Fog drastically reduces visibility, hindering navigation and evasion of wildlife. Varying intensities of fog—from light to heavy or stink cloud—create challenges, with heavy fog rendering vision almost nonexistent and the stink cloud causing stamina loss and damage.
  • Stormy Weather
    Stormy Weather in Lethal Company
    Lightning strikes pose a significant threat during storms. Metallic objects carried by players attract lightning strikes, necessitating dropping these scrap to avoid instant death. Seeking shelter under roofs or covered areas offers protection, while lightning can be utilized to eliminate hostile wildlife.
  • Rainy Weather
    Rainy Weather in Lethal Company
    Rain triggers the formation of treacherous quicksand patches identifiable by their darker hue. Stepping into these patches can result in players being pulled underground, leading to suffocation. Quick reflexes allow escape before submersion, as the teleporter cannot retrieve submerged players.
  • Flooded Weather
    Flooded Weather in Lethal Company
    Moon surfaces gradually flood, restricting safe paths and potentially leading to drowning if submerged for extended periods. Fire exits might become inaccessible due to complete submersion, urging swift navigation and awareness of safe routes.
  • Eclipsed Weather
    Eclipse Weather in Lethal Company
    Eclipses darken the skies, triggering the appearance of nighttime bestiary creatures regardless of the time. Encountering an eclipse poses extreme danger, necessitating caution for exploration due to the increased risk and unpredictable behavior of creatures.

When accessing moon information through the ship’s terminal, weather indicators next to each moon’s name provide crucial insights into the prevailing conditions. While seeking out moons devoid of weather challenges is advisable, preparation and teamwork are essential when confronting these environmental adversities.

Understanding and adapting to these weather phenomena are pivotal in ensuring the safety and success of missions within Lethal Company. Each condition demands vigilance, adaptability, and quick thinking from explorers to navigate these hazardous environments effectively.

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