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Understanding “Company” in Lethal Company

In the world of Lethal Company, there’s a mysterious corporate entity called “Company“. They offer secretive contracts to workers without revealing who’s in charge. The main job for these workers is to gather scrap from different moons.

How It Works:

“Company” provides workers with an autopilot-equipped vessel and the essential FORTUNE-9 OS interface. Using these resources, workers explore moons and collect valuable scrap within a strict 3-day deadline set by “Company” for profit quota.

Getting Paid:

Once workers meet their profit quota, they head back to 71-Gordion Moon, which is “Company’s” central base. Here, they hand over their collected scrap.

“Company” warns about scrap credit rates changing over time. Workers should keep an eye on these changes using the terminal for better returns.

  • Day 3: Company Buying Scrap at 30%
  • Day 2: Company Buying Scrap at 53%
  • Day 1: Company Buying Scrap at 77%
  • Day 0: Company Buying Scrap at 100% (Submission required)

Company Rules to Follow:

When selling scrap, workers must follow specific rules:
scrap submitting company procedure

  • Don’t hang around the counter
  • Place all scrap together
  • Keep ringing a bell until “Company” responds, then stay quiet

Risk and Safety:

company monster jeb in lethal company
If workers don’t follow “Company’s” rules near the scrap counter, they risk facing “Jeb” the Company Monster , an enigmatic enforcer that could eliminate them.

Mystery Continues:

Despite all the rules and warnings, nobody knows who’s really running “Company.” This mystery adds to the excitement and secrecy of the game.

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