terminal in lethal company

Lethal Company Terminal

The terminal, named “FORTUNE-9 OS” is a Operating System graciously provided to contractors aboard their ship by the company. Through this interface, users can input commands to perform various tasks and actions within the lethal company game world.

Upon first use, the terminal displays a welcome message prompting users to type “help” to view a list of available commands.

Terminal Commands and their functions:

Terminal Moons command in lethal company
Typing “moons” displays a list of available moons.
To set your ship’s autopilot route to a moon, use the command “Route (Moon Name)“.
For information about a specific moon, input “Info (Moon Name)“.

Typing “store” reveals a list of items available for purchase.
To buy an item, use the command “Buy (Item Name)“.
For detailed information about an item, enter “Info (Item Name)“.

terminal bestiary command in lethal company
Entering “bestiary” displays a list of scanned creatures encountered during the mission.
To access information about a creature in the Bestiary tab, input “(Bestiary Name) Info“.

terminal storage command in lethal company
Using the “storage” command shows a list of items stored on the ship.
To restore a stored item, type “(Item Name)“.

Terminal Other command in lethal company
This section includes additional commands:

  • View Monitor:
    terminal view monitor command in lethal company
    Typing “view monitor” displays the radar cam of the player.
  • Switch [player name]:
    terminal switch command in lethal company
    Allows users to switch the radar cam view among different workers.
  • Ping [Radar Booster Name]:
    terminal radar booster command in lethal company
    Activates the radar booster, emitting a “Hello” voice.
  • Transmit [message]:
    terminal transmit command in lethal company
    Triggers the Signal Translator to display text on every worker screen.
  • Scan:
    terminal scan command in lethal company
    Provides information on the total number of items outside the ship and their approximate value.
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