Latest, New Lethal Company frosty update - Version 45,

New Update Lethal Company: New Monsters, Items, and Gameplay Changes

Discover the latest update in Lethal Company’s Version 45, ‘The Frosty Update‘. Delve into detailed patch notes highlighting new monsters, items, and significant gameplay changes, released on December 9, 2023 Explore the intricacies of this comprehensive new update.

New Additions

  • Spray Can:
    spray can in lethal company
    A newly introduced item available for purchase at 50 credits, the spray can is a tool that allows players to mark various elements within the game using paint. It requires shaking with the Q key before use and can be utilized to indicate paths, dead ends, or any other points of interest. The color of the paint is randomly assigned for each mission and remains consistent for all players. Notably, it can be applied to surfaces including teammates but not enemies.
  • Signal Translator:
    signal translator in lethal company
    The signal translator enables the terminal user to broadcast short messages to all players in the game. These messages are accompanied by an attention-grabbing visual effect. The translator serves multiple purposes, such as warning teammates about incoming threats or providing instructions for strategic maneuvers.
  • Radar Booster:
    radar booster flash in lethal company
    The radar booster has been enhanced to emit a flash that can temporarily incapacitate enemies within its range. This flash slows down adversaries for approximately 5 seconds, proving useful for tactical advantage.
  • Keybind Settings:
    newly introduce hotkeys option in lethal company
    Players now have the freedom to reconfigure their key bindings, allowing for a more personalized and customized control scheme tailored to individual preferences.
  • New Scrap Items:

    Whoopie cushion in lethal company
    The update introduces additional scrap items, such as glass flasks and whoopee cushions, enriching the variety of in-game collectibles.
  • Wrapped Gifts:

    Wrap Gifts in Lethal Company
    Lightweight and easily manageable, wrapped gifts are one-handed items that, upon opening, spawn a random item of any credit value, adding an element of surprise to the game.
  • Nutcrackers with Guns:
    nut crackers and shot guns in lethal company
    A new challenge confronts players in the form of nutcrackers equipped with shotguns. These enemies shoot with a slight delay, providing players with a chance to strategize. Engaging them requires taking cover or striking strategically with a shovel. Additionally, players can acquire the nutcrackers shotgun and shells dropped upon defeat, Capable of dealing immense damage, able to eliminate formidable adversaries like the Hoarding Bug or Thumper in a single shot.
  • Dramatic Masks:

    Mask Monster in Lethal company
    Players can now obtain masks that, upon wearing, transform the player into a masked monster. These creatures bear resemblance to players Suits. A critical addition, these masks introduce complexity as players must exercise caution to differentiate between allies and foes. Eliminating these masked monsters is possible using a shovel, albeit with varying effectiveness based on the angle of attack.

Changes and Improvements

  • Rail Cheese Removed:
    railing nerf in lethal company
    Railings are no longer secure. Thumpers and spiders can now pose a threat even on railings.
  • Forest Giant Nerf:
    forest giant nerf in lethal gaming
    Vision limitations for forest giants have been adjusted, making it easier for players to avoid their detection.
  • Increased Gravity Risk:
    High Altitude Jump cause in lethal company
    The update significantly amplifies fall damage, doubling the risk factor associated with jumping from higher altitudes. Caution is advised while traversing heights.
  • Enhanced Mansion Map Generation: Improvements to the generation algorithm for Mansion maps aim to provide a more refined and engaging gaming experience for players exploring these areas.

New Modes and Compatibility

  • Arachnophobia Mode:
    Arachnophobia Mode spider view in lethal company
    Designed specifically for players with arachnophobia, this mode alters the appearance of spiders in the game, making them less intimidating by displaying only two limbs and labeling them with the word “SPIDER” in red. This adjustment aims to create a more enjoyable experience for players with arachnophobia.
  • Mod Compatibility: Players utilizing mods can access the “previous” version on Steam, allowing them to play the game’s older version while maintaining compatibility with their preferred mods.

This comprehensive update signals a new era, presenting a wave of exhilarating challenges for seasoned experts and newcomers alike within the realm of Lethal Company. Are you prepared to embark on this thrilling journey?

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