Lethal Company Version 47

Lethal Company New update version 47

The latest Version 47 update for Lethal Company brings a host of compelling additions, notably featuring the all-new “Weekly Challenge Moons.” These specialized challenges promise diverse in-game scenarios on a weekly basis, inviting players to immerse themselves in unique experiences regularly. Alongside this captivating feature, server hosts gain a significant advantage with the introduction of game tags, enabling improved server categorization based on specific player preferences.

Bug Fixes and Stability Enhancements

Version 47 prioritizes rectifying existing bugs and issues within the game, focusing on fortifying the overall stability and enhancing gameplay performance. To facilitate early testing and feedback, the update has been released on the “public_beta” branch on Steam. This early release offers players an opportunity to engage with the update and provide invaluable feedback before its official launch.

Accessing Version 47 Beta:

Players eager to explore Lethal Company’s Version 47 can access the beta branch through the following steps:

  • Navigate to your game library on Steam.
  • Right-click on Lethal Company.
  • Select “Properties” from the dropdown menu.
    Lethal company properties option on steam library
  • Choose the “Betas” tab within the Properties window.
    lethal company betas option on properties
  • Opt for the “public_beta – For testing new versions” branch from the available branches.
    lethal company beta version 47 access on betas

Upon clicking play, the game will automatically download the Lethal Company beta Version 47 file, approximately 3.5 MB in size.

lethal company version 47 beta version game file download

If the update doesn’t reflect immediately, try restarting Steam.
To revert to the previous version, select “previous – The previous version” from the available branches.

Weekly Challenge Moon Tuo-3:

In the game’s host tab, players will find the Tuo-3 save file, allowing them to participate in the weekly challenge moon.
Tuo-3 file for weekly challenge moon in lethal company
This mode operates akin to a competitive mode, presenting a single day and one attempt for players to maximize profit, aiming for high leaderboard rankings showcased within Lethal Company.

Upon entering Tuo-3, players will notice a default purple suit and screen displaying “Welcome to Tuo-3” and emphasizing “as much profit as possible.”
Welcome to Tuo-3 moon in lethal company purple suit in new version 47 of lethal company

Participants are provided with 751 credits to purchase necessary items, focusing on maximizing scrap collection and achieving the best results.
751 starting credit for weekly challenge moon

Upon returning from the moon, challenge results display the total scrap collected and respective ranks on the Lethal Company leaderboard.
Results of version 47 of lethal company

Players can access Leaderboard by selecting the Tuo-3 save file and viewing the Challenge Moon Tuo-3 Results, allowing sorting by friends’ results, similar ranks, and the current top 20 players in Lethal Company.
Lethal Company Leaderboard

Removing one’s score from the leaderboard is possible by clicking “Remove My Score.” However, replaying the weekly challenge moon does not alter or revert previous results.

Lobby Tags: Enhancing Server Discoverability

Lobby tags and with moon challenge check box in lethal company

Another noteworthy addition to Lethal Company is the introduction of lobby tags. Accessible when entering a server by clicking “Join a Crew” from the main screen, players will encounter an “Enter Server Tag” option. Here, they can add specific tags, allowing them to join servers with designated preferences.

Moreover, players seeking crews participating in the weekly challenge moon can streamline their search. By checking the box indicating “With Challenge Moon,” only servers engaged in the weekly challenge will be displayed. This feature enhances server discoverability, enabling players to easily find and join servers aligned with their preferred gameplay experiences.

Version 47 of Lethal Company brings thrilling Weekly Challenge Moons, refined stability, and enhanced server discoverability through lobby tags. Engage with the beta, test the challenges, and provide feedback to shape this update before its official launch. Join the competition, explore new features, and help craft an even more immersive Lethal Company experience for all players!

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